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Eagle 3 Cleaning office cleaning guarantees your office will be clean and pleasant for all work environments.  We get into all of those hard -to-reach spaces and corners of your office.

Price - determined by size of office. 
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Our professional staff of cleaners know which standard cleaning services are required.  However, We are here to make a specific detailed list tailored to your office needs. 

Map and dry all floors
Sweeping & Vaccum all general areas (office)
Kitchen sinks are scrubbed disinfect & shined
All countertops are cleaned and disinfected
Refrigerator exterior is wiped down

The inside and outside of your microwave is cleaned and disinfected

Table and charis are cleaned

All bathrooms are clean and disinfected
All mirros inside bathrooms are cleaned and shined
Sanitize all telephones
All trash cans are emptied
Dust  all horizontal surfaces
Dust all office desk and furniture
Clean all glass doors and windows as needed
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